Friday, July 28, 2017

Print Packages Save $

Announcing Print Packages
Ada Highlander Photography

I'm happy to announce a new offering from AHP - Print Packages! We have this set of 3 metal prints in our home and they look fabulous!  

So I thought you might also like to put a set of 3 together AND save some money while you're at it.  You can choose the photos you'd like and save 10% when you order the package.  Here's all you have to do.  Go to my website and pick the photo you love from any of the galleries and choose "Buy" in the bottom right corner of your screen and you'll see a popup menu like this: 

Pick the "Buy Photo Package" option.  (Note: this is only available from a desktop right now. Mobile support for packages is coming.) From there, you'll see a package called "Wall Cluster".  Click Continue and pick the remaining photos you want in your cluster.  And when you're done, you will have saved 10% over purchasing the 3 metal prints individually!  

It's a great deal.  Order today by clicking here and getting started.  

If you'd like to see other package combinations, you can leave me a comment here or on my website or use the Contact Me menu and let me know that way. 

Enjoy!  I truly appreciate your support of Ada Highlander Photography. 

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