Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Notecard Design for All!

All Notecards Include

New Design

Have you looked at my blank Notecards lately?  The price has just been reduced to $5 per pack of 5.  If you need them shipped, it's just $3 additional for shipping.  The new design has the back cover being mostly blank and there are no more lines around the border of card. Here is what a typical back will look like.  It includes a reference to my website and what is pictured on the front of the card.  The rest of the space is for you! 

I also just added a 2nd set of Lighthouse Notecards.  All the different styles have the new, more open design.  Check out my website and pick out your favorite photo to print or go directly to my Notecards page and pick out your favorite collection to order.  

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