Friday, November 11, 2016

New Product - Notecards!

Announcing my new product line:  blank Notecards!  

Who doesn't need a blank Notecard every now and then?  For all those times when you want to tell that special friend or loved one you're thinking about them or miss them or want to thank them or...  well I think you get the idea.  

New from Ada Highlander Photography are 3 sets of Notecards from which you can choose.  Simply go to my website: and select the "PRODUCTS" menu.  From there, you'll remember my new 2017 Michigan Calendar (which looks great!) and now, a new option is there for Notecards.  Simply click on the Notecards picture and you'll go to the page where you can select from the 3 different sets: 
  • Landscape 1:  various photos used on my 2017 Michigan Calendar
  • Landscape 2:  another set of photos used on my 2017 Michigan Calendar
  • Birds 1:  a handful of my favorite bird photos
Here's what you'll receive: 
  • 5 different photo Notecards
  • 5 envelopes
  • Shipped to your door!

A 5-pack of Notecards is only $9.99 including shipping! 

These will make great gifts as well as great additions to your own Notecards.  

Order today!! 

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