Monday, November 14, 2016

Easier Website Menus

I have simplified the menu system on my website to make it easier to navigate to the products you're most interested in learning about and purchasing.  Here's the new, simpler look: 

The menu choices of "About Me", "Contact", and "Blog" are still there and have not changed.   The "Products" menu was introduced when I announced my 2017 Michigan Calendar. When I added my latest product, Notecards, to the "Products" menu, I decided I should consolidate my Portrait, Landscapes, and Wildlife/Flowers products their too.   

When you hover over the "Products" menu, you'll now see:  

From there, you can quickly go to the product you're interested in and get all the relevant information including pricing, ordering, and requesting information.  

So check back often for the latest news.  Thanks for your support of Ada Highlander Photography!  

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