Monday, August 1, 2016

Fun, New Maps on my Website!

I just added a fun, new feature on my website,,  for my Landscape galleries.  At the top of each gallery, there will be a map with pushpins showing the location of the photos for that gallery.  You can click on a pushpin and see which picture was taken there and open it to view in full size on your device. Here's an example from my Best of Italy 2014 gallery.  

Also, now when you click on a picture from the gallery summary view, you can click on the Information icon (small circle with an "i" in ) and it will bring up a popup window. It will tell you lots about the picture - most of which unless you're a photographer, you probably won't care about - but there is a Map tab so you can see where that picture was taken on a map. Here's an example from a picture from Capri Island in Italy. 

It's just kind of a cool way to see where these pictures were taken.  Hope you enjoy it!!  

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